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Why You Should Hire A Wedding Pet Care on Your Big Day


Pets at Weddings A Rise in Popularity

There are more than 130 million pet owners in the United States. So, it’s no surprise that more and more people are having their beloved fur baby attend their wedding. Weddings are celebrations that include the whole family and many treat these beloved fur babies as part of the family. More than 50% of all households in the United States own at least one dog. So, having a dog participate at the wedding is quite likely, in comparison to cats, horses, birds or other pets. Logistically speaking it is also easier. Dogs can have many different roles: ring bearer, best pup, surprise guest and of course family member. Adding, your canine into a wedding can go from simple to elaborate. It all depends on you. Check out more ideas on how to add your dog here.

How do you start planning to include your wedding pet?

First and foremost, you need to make sure you ask the venue if there is a problem with a pet attending a wedding. Some venues can be quite picky. Companies that help you take care of wedding pet logistics are becoming very popular and can also guide you in terms of pet-friendly venues. Once you choose a venue that just screams to you, take me. Then you want to look into other things such as the photographer, videographer, wedding planner etc… Each vendor does something different and is there to make your life easier. If you love your fur baby and you know that he/she will definitely be part of the wedding, why not hire a vendor that is dedicated to them? Furever Us in South Florida- is a company dedicated exclusively to wedding pets. They help you navigate the confusing terrain of including your pet. They take care of all the pet logistics before, during and after the wedding. Why Hire A Wedding Pet Chaperone You might ask yourself, why hire someone if you have a friend that can take care of your fur baby that day. True, but, why would you then not have a friend photograph your wedding? Usually, the answer is because they are not professionals. That is why you would not have a friend take care of your beloved Fido either.

Dog's Big Day

First and foremost, having your dog in your big day is a big deal. Not only for you, but for them as well. They will feel your nerves and excitement. That might make them a little uneasy. Your pup will also be surrounded by a lot more people than on a daily basis. Everyone at Furever Us has your dog’s interest at heart. We make sure that your dog feels well and comfortable. We are able to remove them from a situation, without hesitation. Something that your friends might not be able to, as they want to be part of the celebration.

Ready for Emergencies

As mentioned before, your dog might be nervous and have an accident for example. No problem if its on a stone floor, but what if this happens on a carpet? We have an array of quick solutions should this happen. We even have something for the bride and groom should they get paw prints on their dress or tux. Furthermore, if something happens medically to your pup, well, we know doggie CPR, so rest assured that he/she will be ok.

You Only Get One Take

The big day, goes by in lightning speed. Having your wedding pet pose in part of the photos is very important. Your timeline is very strict. A wedding pet specialist makes sure that they are not only punctual, but that photos are done quickly and look good. We carry a variety of treats and toys so getting your pooch to pose is as easy as cake.

Many of your friends will be in those same photos so its harder to have someone take care of the dog while taking photos without them. Also, how do you get a dog to stare into the camera if you are standing behind them. Let’s face it. Our friends usually have our best interest at heart, but when it comes to a drink or two, sometimes that changes. Your dog is not going to feel like a VIP Pet if he gets carried around or pulled around by someone who is more interested in a selfie than them.

Having a private chaperone for your dog, ensures that they get a hundred percent attention, a hundred percent of the time you hire them for. That means cuddles, massages, back rubs, paw rubs, short walks, long walks, runs, stroller rides and anything your dog desires. This should be their big day too, after all don’t they deserve it.


But I have a Maid that can take care of my dog

Yes, we heard that too. We are sure you have a fantastic maid, otherwise you would not entrust your dog with them. Let us tell you, that maids don’t know weddings. Punctuality is one thing and of course wedding etiquette and venue layout. We have worked in many venues and will get to know a venue before hand, so we know where your wedding pet is allowed and not. We are also always in contact with vendors before hand. So we know, what they couples wants in terms of special pictures, recordings etc. We make sure that everyone is prepared to get to know the best in show.

Accidents Happen

Let’s face it, accidents can happen anytime. Knock over a plant or a camera. We are bonded, licensed and insured. Our insurance covers accidental damages to both people and items. It is always best to be prepared.

are of the pet before, during and after ceremony. They can provide you with outfits, logistics, props, ideas… anything to help your fur baby feel comfortable and look their best. Best part you will not have to worry about your beloved wedding pet.


Planning is Fun

hPlanning is Funs is always such a glamorous idea, but do you know sometimes it takes planning. We are expert planners and can help you come up with a pawfect timeline and some really fund ways to surprise your guests, adding a paw of approval. We can not only help you coordinate but we also rent out fun props, so that you do not have to take care of them. Always wanted to have your dog drive down the aisle? Fear not, we will make it happen. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

Once you know that you want to include them in the wedding. The rest is easy. Hiring a service like Furever Us, will allow you to have a stress free wedding. You will then be part of the growing number of people that include their wedding pet.

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