Your furbaby is a very impawtant part of the family. So, including them in the big day is something that will take some mighty organizational skills. But, no worries, leave that part to us. Not sure what you want? We can help you create a magical day for you and your furbaby.
We have helped couples' dogs in many events, including vow renewals, wedding ceremonies, Bat Mitzvahs, receptions, baby showers, and engagement shoots. To personalize your event, we include a complimentary consultation where we get to know you, your dog, and your story. We will also discuss the best way to feature your dog at your event, depending on their pawsonality.


Wedding pet care Services

We take care of every pawsome detail, so that your best friend feels as special as you.

Engagement SHoots

  • Help with a doggie proposal
  • Help with engagement announcement
  • Assist in planning the purfect save-the-date photos
  • Planning outfits for pawsome wedding details
  • Help you set up a photoshoot for your save-the-date cards


  • Help plan outfits, gifts, decor and anything dog related.
  • Work with your event-planner, photographer and videographer to make sure you have your fur-babies in as many photos as you want
  • We can help you plan the timeline for pictures with dogs
  • Help you set up pictures
  • Help you set up a photoshoot for your save-the-date cards
  • We can help you plan that one-of-a-kind social media sensational dog entrance
  • Drive your dogs wherever they have to go
  • Doggie Daycare before,during and after your wedding
  • Feeding, brushing, dressing and pampering your pet to feel that it's their day too
  • We are THE dog-sitter for your wedding.

Honey-Moon Sitting

We provide pet sitting services to all our wedding couples. Your fur-child will not feel alone as we make your him/her part of our family for those days. We are private and only our wedding couple’s furchildren. This way we can guarantee that they get full attention and that we have enough space on our couch for all:-)l that it's their day too

Other Events

  • Each event is different and special, we help you include your dog in your Baby-shower, Bat-mitzvah, Gender-reveal or any big life event.
  • We offer transport, pet chaperoning, dog-sitting after the event and can help you with any insta-worthy suprise such as a cute gender reveal. 
  • Our event services can include the same add-ons as any of our wedding services. 

Here is how it works

Check out our 

Request a quote. 


Set up a meeting with us and your furbaby-we will help you set up a photo timeline (free of charge) and provide you with an exact quote

Complete Reservation and Pay Deposit

Complete details, finalize timeline, set-up meet and greet, and make final payment

Enjoy your pawfect day, and make furever memories that will last a lifetime


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At Furever Us, we're the top dogs in wedding pet care. With a passion for furbabies and a commitment to excellence, we'll treat your furry family members as our own. From helping to capture their adorable expressions to freezing their playful moments in time, we'll go the extra mile to create furever memories that will make your heart skip a beat. You can rely on us to be your pack leaders on your special day, ensuring every wag and woof is captured with love and expertise.

At Furever Us, we are the alpha of all things wedding pet care, and we're ready to roll over and prove why we're the paw-fect choice for the job. Our passion for furbabies runs deeper than a dog's love for treats – we treat them like our own family members, showering them with affection and care.

When it comes to working with furry friends, we've got more tricks up our sleeve than a seasoned dog trainer. Our team knows how to speak the language of doggos, helping to capture their personalities in every click of the camera. Additionally, we are masters at capturing behind the scenes heart-melting expressions, contagious playfulness, and loving gazes that will make your heart skip a beat.

Rest assured, we'll be by your side like a loyal companion throughout your special day. Our commitment to excellence is as unwavering as a dog's loyalty, and we'll go the extra mile to ensure every wag of the tail is preserved for eternity. So let us be your trusty pack leaders, capturing furever memories that will make your heart woof with joy.

Why Us?

Ready to unleash our paw-some talents and include your dogs in your wedding? Let's wag our tails and make magic happen!

Are you ready to let us unleash our paw-some talents and make your dreams come true by including your dogs in your wedding? Let's wag our tails together and make magic happen!

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