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Frequently Asked Questions?

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I am looking for help with my engagement. Do you do that? Or only weddings?

Absolutely! We would be happy to help! Let us know what type of help you are looking for and we can create a package just for you. Check out our current packages for guidance.

I saw the packages but I need other services, that are not listed on the package. Is that something you would do?

Absolutely, we are flexible. We talk about all your needs in our skype/face to face meeting. We understand that each wedding is different and therefore, we tailor each pacakge to meet our client’s needs. We have different props that you can add to your package as well.

Do you require a down payment?

Yes, we require a 50% downpayment at the time of booking and the rest paid one month before the wedding/event.

What is your cancellation policy?

Like most wedding vendors, If you cancel more than a month before the date, we will refund you 50% of your wedding package. 

We usually take payment via our booking application. But can also accept credit card, check, zelle or venmo. We can talk about your payment preferences during our meeting.

How can I pay you?

Will you work with my photographer, wedding planner, videographer etc?

Of course! We realized in our own wedding planning how important it is to have everyone on the same page. We will get in touch with them before and explain to them any specific shots, entrances etc that they need to know, to make sure they capture every moment.

Some things in my timeline have changed, can we adjust timing etc?

Sure thing! The timeline of the wedding day is usually finalized within one or two weeks before the wedding. We will talk before and make any adjustments that are necessary.

My other wedding vendors have a payment schedule. Could you give me one?

I am really picky about who I leave my furbaby with. Are you guys legit?

We completely understand your worries. We ourselves trust only a few individuals with our own pets. We love our furbabies like our children and understand the important role they play in your life. We are certified, bonded, insured and CPR certified. We have owned and taken care of people’s furbabies for years and have grown up with our own pets. Your baby will be spoiled and feel like a star with us. We have more than 100 weddings under our belt. 

Certainly! We understand that it might be easier to pay little by little, rather than divide payment into 25% and 75%. We can definietely provide you one.

My dog is not friendly with other dogs, is that an issue for pet sitting?

No problem, we understand that each dog is different, and that some don’t play well with others. In those cases, we always keep them separate and just make sure they get more individual play time.

I was thinking about asking a friend, family member or my dog sitter to help me with my furbaby during this big day. Why should I hire you?

Most family members and friends will be part of the wedding, while you are getting ready, they are too. While you are taking pictures, most of the time they are mingling with friends. Your bridesmaids or groomsmen, have so many other duties, and need to be included in particular pictures, that it may make it difficult in terms of logistics. We always carry our pet kit. Water, treats, extra leash, brush, wipes, dog toys, doggie perfume make sure your pup looks as good as they can, and that they are as happy as can be. We thought we could handle it with a hired dog sitter, but noticed how it was so difficult to coordinate. It was quite stressful. Unfortunately, we did not get the pictures we wanted and our videos did not focus on the dogs when necessary. We want to make sure this does not happen to anyone else.

Can you train our dog to be a ring bearer?

We can definitely help you and give you some tips on training and what things you could do to make sure everything runs smoothly. We can work on basic commands while he is in our care but we won’t get to spend enough time with your furbaby to make those command stick, unless your furbaby is already half trained. Some dogs are fast learners.

Do you take care of cats?

We love both cats and dogs. In terms of wedding pictures and ceremony, we advise furparents to have their cats only indoors and in closed spaces. Most cats do not enjoy a leash so it's hard to have them be in the ceremony. We have encountered very dog-like cats and in those cases it might be pawssible.

Can you pick my dog up from the groomer?

Yes, we can but we do not advise it the day of the ceremony. Groomers tend to have a lot of dogs, and they are not always very punctual. Additionally, your dog might be too overwhelmed going to the groomer and being in a new environment.

We want to go on honeymoon, could you take care of our furbaby while we are gone?

Absolutely! We can take care of your furbaby for as long as you want. This is something we can discuss in our first meeting and tailor the package to fit your needs. 

How do I get started?

Please fill out our form , or email us at Let us know what you need and how we can help make this day amazing for you and your furbaby.

This is a dream come true. I want to meet you. I am ready to inquiry. 

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