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How to Include Your Dog In the Wedding

You want to include your fur baby in the wedding but don’t know where to start. Here are some creative ideas that may inspire you.


There are several ways you can incorporate your fur babies in an epic engagement. You can get their help with the overall proposal. Tying a ring to their collar. Training them to bring you a box. Or let them carry a little blackboard with a cute proposal message. The ideas are endless.

Your dog could just be what your engagement needs
Using cute photos for your save the date cards or to announce your engagement. It will convince your guests-this is a wedding they cannot miss. #petengagementphotos #dogproposal
Doggie Proposal

Getting ready photos

Your fur babies might not enjoy the full crowd at your wedding. Take into account their personalities and what they are comfortable with. Some do really well in large crowds, while others might be very reactive. Having your dog/cat/bird stay with you while you get ready; can make for some pretty amazing pictures #weddingpet #gettingreadyphotos
Wedding Pet

Feature them in your Bridal Party Photos

Sometimes your dog will do well with people they know. So why not include them in your wedding party photos, before the actual ceremony. They will have fun getting a lot of attention and the photos will come out great! #dogbridalparty

Down the Aisle with Your Dog

There are so many ways you can bring your dog down the isle. Either by having one of the bridal party walk them, taking them in your arms, driving them down the isle in a cart or even having them wait for you. Either way they will steal the show rest assured. #pupdowntheisle #bestdog

Some helpful information

Incorporating your dog in the wedding can be easy. You just need to make sure of a few things:

  • Make sure your venue is pet friendly (or will allow bridal dogs)
  • Think about your pupster’s character. Will he/she enjoy it? How does she/he do with strangers?
  • Would you want them to wear an outfit? Plan this ahead of time as last minute outfits can just add to the wedding planning stress.
  • Will the person walking them down the aisle, be able to control them on the leash?
  • Do they require extra TLC to make sure they are happy and always have a tail wag?
  • Do they have walking problems? And will need to climb stairs at the venue?

Incorporating your dog in your wedding is easy. You just need the right helping hand. Furever Us, has helped helped many couples and their fur babies have a blissful day, or evening. We make sure those that are a little shy, have as much fun, as those that are more extroverted.

One of the questions we get asked often, is, why should we hire you? Our simple answer is because we know dogs and weddings. Our elaborate answer is because we help make sure everything runs smoothly. We are one of the gears that provides support on your big day. A pet is often times one of the most important thing in a couple’s life. Knowing that this love of theirs is taking care of around the clock, while at the same time being present in all the festivities is a relief to many. Why would you hire someone that is not an expert in dog behavior. A person that does not know the importance of timing when it comes to the wedding day. Nor someone that may be involved in the wedding and would want to enjoy it with you, rather than be with your fur baby. Leave that job up to us. We do what we do, because we love it. The best present is when our couples tell us what a great idea it was to hire us and have even admitted to us; we are the best vendor (shhh don’t tell other vendors, we are all equally important).