Including your dog in your wedding can make your special day even more memorable and meaningful. However, ensuring that your furry friend is welcome and comfortable at the wedding is absolutely crucial. A wedding paints your dream to reality through a team of individuals whose sole duty is to make you happy. Your dog at your wedding is one of these important pieces. This is exactly where […]

Wedding Pet Services

April 10, 2023

Why You Need Pet Friendly Vendors When Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

bride and groom holding cake topper of themselves and their two dogs


Monika & Stephan tied the knot with their two beautiful pups, Anya & Bruce, at their side. The romantic and exquisite venue, The Addison, was the perfect location for their fairy-tale wedding. This couple is the perfect pair, as you will see as you continue reading. A magical wedding, for a wonderful couple. Their First […]

Furever Wedding Stories with Dogs

February 1, 2023

Monika, Stephan, Bruce & Anya


Do you believe in destiny? After reading Carly and David’s story you will. These two souls have found a way to come together as one and make us believe that soul mates exist. A love for the ages Carly and David’s story began nine years ago. They met in their first class freshman year at […]

Furever Wedding Stories with Dogs

October 18, 2022

Carly, David & Millie

a group of people surrounding the bride and groom, who are holding the dog of honor.


They say laughter is one of the main ingredients for a long-lasting marriage. We are certain that Jessica and Steven know how to laugh. Their meeting was not a conventional one and actually quite a funny story. Steven’s ex-girlfriend was one of Jessica’s best friends. One night, they had a girls’ night sleepover, and she […]

Furever Wedding Stories with Dogs

October 13, 2022

Jessica, Steven & Luna


Why leave Fido at home, when there are so many fur-friendly hotels available that will welcome your four-legged friends. It pulls on the heartstrings of every pet owner, when the time comes to wave goodbye to your little fur baby, and go on vacation without them. No matter how nice their doggy retreat is, or […]

Pet Dates

September 28, 2022

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Florida

dog showering in a Pet-friendly-hotel


We all know by now that having your dog in your wedding is ridiculously adorable, fun, and unique. If you need to be convinced, check out our previous blog, Your Dog’s Best Day Ever, or take a look at our Instagram for inspiration.   Without a doubt, wedding photography is crucial for documenting your special day. Chances are, you […]

Wedding Pet Ideas

September 11, 2022

Wedding Day Photo Poses with Your Dog