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The idea of Furever Us all started with the planning of our own wedding. We were looking for help to integrate our fur babies into our wedding, after all they are our babies. We could not image the day without them. Low and behold that type of service did not exist in our area. That did not deter us and with a lot of planning they were present. Unfortunately, due to the lack of coordination of the different parties involved, only one photo was made with them and us, something we regret to this day. We wished our furbabies had been in more photos. We didn’t want anyone else to have any regrets or go through the gruesome process of organizing this very important part of the wedding and missing out in any way. So Furever Us started. The rest is history. We help each couple turn an idea into reality; customizing each pet care package.



Bailey and Gyzmo

Bailey is an 8 year old Maltese mix with a joy for food. She is not picky and enjoys anything that falls on the floor, we call her our little vacuum. Her favorite toys are ones with squeakers and chew bones. She is a huge help, when it comes to our fosters and helping them get used to dogs. Her best friend is Gyzmo. Another one of our inspirations, who thinks he is a dog. He loves all our visitors, although some are not too fond of him. We are very mindful of that and he stays in one part of the house, when we have fur guests.


Chase is best kitten-sitter. He is the most gentle soul and has thanked us since the day we adopted him. He was found in the Redlands all by himself and we adopted him after our older 15 year old Westie had passed. There is not a dog he has not liked. His favorite thing to do is go for walks or nap around. His two favorite toys are a little stuffed bear and a squeaky witch. He is a very picky eater and will not eat his food without the added special wet food.


Meet the Team

Owner of Furever Us wedding day pet care with three dogs

My name is Monika and I wanted to thank you for your interest in Furever Us.

A little about myself and I will try to keep it short. My name is Monika and I am the founder of Furever Us. I have always had a love for animals and started saving little birds when I was just seven years old.That passion continued with my pets, that I had since I could barely walk. I volunteer in different rescues here in Florida including the Humane Society and Miami Dade Animal Shelter. I have learned so much from the basic emergency medications to assisting in spaying surgeries. Learning is something I cannot get enough of and I have several degrees including one in business, public relations, counseling and human behavior. I also have several certifications including animal cpr, animal psychology and dog training.

Fun Fact About Me: I have a doctorate, speak five languages and one of my hobbies is pet photography.

My name is Rachel and I am one of the main handlers at Furever Us.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. After graduation I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician. While saving humans lives, I also spent a lot of time working on saving animal lives. I have worked to save and protect multiple species of animals. Here in South Florida I volunteer for a number of different rescues. I have grown up around dogs so I am used to handling dogs of all breeds and sizes. So not only do I have a lifetime of experience caring for animals, but also have extensive medical training. I am ready for any emergencies.

Fun Fact About Me: I have travelled to over 20 countries,
my native town is Boise, Idaho and I have nerves of steel.

Furever Us wedding pet care team member
Furever us team member Kelsey with two golden retrievers

My name is Kelsey and I am one of the main handlers at Furever Us.

I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in an animal science/vet tech program. I started working in CT at an exotic animal vet, that also did wildlife rehabilitation then moved to FL, where I worked at a small veterinary practice.I worked alongside multiple rescues here in South Florida and am working on a few non-profit projects such as Compassion Project and Operation Liberation (both programs assisting animals). I have had my own pet sitting business for a few years now and love what I do. Working with animals and weddings just makes my heart sing.

Fun Fact About Me: I love long boarding with my dog, love Starbucks and I am a vegetarian.

My name is Cyl and I work behind the scenes. I won’t call myself the co-founder because my wife, Monika, definitely is the brain behind everything. I will call myself an animal lover though. You won’t see me most of the time but your dogs might, when they come and stay over with us. I like to help but my full time job is being a doggie dentist.I own a company for non-anesthetic teeth cleaning for dogs and cats. This started in Brazil, where I was helping out small rescues and realized they lacked the needed medicine for most everything. Dental health is really important so I started doing deep cleanings without anesthesia and realized that it was saving their life. ​ Fun Fact About Me:I love fostering.
Team Member furever us wedding dog care holding one dog

The love for animals is what brought us together and what continues drive us to this day. When we are not helping our clients with one of their best days of their lives, we help out in the community. We feel privileged to be part of our client’s lives and make sure we always give back. We have volunteered or donated to rescues such as Good Karma Pet Rescue, the Humane Society, Milo’s Rescue, 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades, Paw Patrol etc… We believe that all furbabies are special and important.


10% of Proceeds are donated to a animal charity of your choice.