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Ideas for that Pawfect Dog Proposal

December is known to be one of the most popular months for proposals with a whopping 20% of proposals happening throughout the month. It’s no surprise that December is magical- it is a month of reunions for families and loved ones, and romance follows closely through the holidays. Who doesn’t want to start off the new year with a ring on their partner’s hand?

Dog adoptions have also been through the ‘woof’ since COVID, making it a great time to get some help from your favorite four legged friend in asking the big question. Afterall, they’ll be joining the family so why not have them help with a pawsome proposal?

Here are some ideas to help plan the purrfect pawposal:


Puppy Tag Proposal

Get a special custom-made tag for your pup’s collar and propose right when she sees it. It is a unique proposal that she will likely not see coming. Plus, who can say no to those puppy dog eyes?;) The advantage of this is that it can be done anywhere- in your home, outdoors, or in that special place you met.

Also, you can frame the collar with the tag for an anniversary present or incorporate it into the theme of the wedding!

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Photo Credit: Alyssa and Will via How He Asked


Puppy Ring Proposal

You could have the dog be the ring bearer for the proposal and/or for the wedding. There are cute ways you can attach an engagement ring- either with a little pouch on the collar, a specially made tuxedo bandana with a ring option, or a cute little pillow that will display the ring in its full glory. This pup-posal can be as big or as small as you want it and there are many different ways it could happen. For example, have your dog lead her/him to a place where your significant other will be waiting on one knee and then show them the dog’s collar. Or, have your dog enter the room after she/he is sitting down (or in the purrfect place) and you are ready for your speech.

Etsy Store: HazyDaysCreations


A Riddle to Solve

Some couples enjoy games and riddles more than others and why not make a fun game out of the proposal? You could tie a little riddle on your dog’s collar with clues to lead your significant other to the ultimate prize- a proposal! If you choose to do a riddle, you could have the dog help lead the way by hiding treats they can sniff out along the path. Towards the end of the hunt, you could be hiding near or with the ring so the pup leads them to the finale through your scent.

It is getting Chilly Pawfect Sweater Weather

How about that Snuggly Sweater that your dog will hate but you will love? You can always get a customized sweater to declare your ultimate love… or how about that cute bandana. The advantage of that is that they are very customizable. You can even pawrint a picture of the two of you on the front.
Etsy Store:BarkleyandWagz

Dog Treats- Yes, we do!

Nothing says I am mutts about you as dog treats. Try laying a trail of Sir Bark’ A lot’s favorite treats that lead both him and your future wife/husband to the big question. You can also customize the treats so each one says something different or you could spell out “Will you marry me/us?” with each treat being one letter. It would be not only fun and entertaining for you, but can also be quite the memorable experience for the ruff of your life!

Dog Friendly Restaurant

Mr Hairy Pawter might not be a dog that is very reliable. So you might not want to put all your treats in his basket, but into yours. Going to a dog-friendly restaurant that you all love can be just the place to say the ‘I do’s’. Planning to have a photographer on the next table (or hidden in the restaurant) can get the pawfect pictures at the purrfect time as you get down on one knee. The photos will last you a lifetime and you will always have a great place to go to and reminisce.

In the Age of Cell Phones

Each couple has their own ritual and ways of doing things. In the age of instagram and snapchat a picture is worth 1000 treats. Why not send a picture of your dog with a sign or a message. It can say- “will you marry us?” or you can propose a date. Make it yappy and fun.

Anyone have a spare Go-Pro?

Want to catch your future Mrs. (or Mr.) to saying yes at the pawfect time? Why not have your Kim Kardashund carry a Go-Pro around their neck, or on their back, and let your pup be the camera dog! You can tie it right next to the ring but make sure to do a couple practice runs first.

This is another one that could be incorporated into the wedding. Imagine the video of your pup running down the aisle as the ring bearer, from two different points of views (the dog’s Go-Pro, and the videographer)!

These are just a few ideas of the many ideas we have. Contact us for a engagement consultation and see how we can help you with the pup-posal of you dreams. We have extensive experience in working with our four legged furriends to create lasting memories. Let us help you plan that purrfect proposal. Each proposal is unique and social media worthy. If you are located near us we can even help film it or take behind the scenes pictures. Paws down, we are the best at what we do. Best bark is that after she (he) says ‘I do’, we can help you include your best pal in the wedding as well. We know your pets are impawtant to you so let us help you make their day and yours magical.